Is all this FLU talk making you want to hid in a bubble? Don't worry, Ive got some tips for you to make it through the flu season unscathed!

In Chinese Medicine we believe that illness has two components: the strength of the pathogen and the strength of the individual's immune system. 

The flu this year has been particularly brutal, and I know it has us all a little on edge, but there is SO much you can do to help strengthen your immune system to prevent those achy-sniffly-cant-get-out-of-bed germs from knocking you down.  I've put together a few of my favorite tips to help keep your defense strong.

- SLEEP: Easier said than done, especially for parents of young kiddos, but if you are tired, your immune system is tired too. Get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep a night, but 7-8 is ideal. And rest when you can!

- DITCH THE SUGAR (AND THE BOOZE): Sugar and alcohol are inflammatory and can weaken the immune system, so cut back on all sugar and juice, and limit alcohol during flu season. 

- WASH YOUR HANDS: This can help stop the spread of germs, so be diligent about washing your hands frequently, especially after being out in public places. Stay away from antibacterial hand gels, they're full of nasty chemicals, and opt for a natural hand sanitizer (I use EO brand) if. you cant get to a sink.

- DESTRESS- When our stress response system is activated, our immune response often takes a back seat. Ever wonder why college kids always get sick after exams? The combo of stress and lack of sleep makes them so more susceptible to bugs. Hit the yoga mat, listen to a mediation app, or my personal favorite, get acupuncture!

- SUPPLEMENT: Here are a list of my favorite immune boosting supplements. They can all be found in my FULLSCRIPT dispensary under the category "FLU FIGHTERS" (I also have a FLU FIGHTERS FOR KIDS section!)

* VITAMIN D3- important for immune support- 2000-5000iu/day for adults, 500-2000iu/day for kids

• VITAMIN C- shown to reduce duration of colds and flus. 2000mg day for adults.

• PROBIOTICS- these good bacteria can help fight off the bad guys and also play a role in immune modulation. I love KLAIRE THERBIOTIC because it has a bunch of different strains, and they have great formulas for kids and infants.

• REISHI- Reishi mushroom is knows as the mushroom of immortality thanks to all its amazing health benefits, immunity is just one of them. I use Host Defense Reishi and New Chapter Immunity which has a combination of reishi and other medicinal mushrooms. 


• ZINC LOZANGES- suck on these a few times a day

• BLACK ELDERBERRY- 1tsp 3x a day

• GAN MAO LING- this is an awesome Chinese herbal formula that I keep in my medicine cabinet for early onset of viruses. Can help knock out a flu in the early stages.